Alpine VHF All Weather Dipole



This VHF steel all weather high site dipole is a very robust antenna and is suited to sites in harsh conditions.

They are available in 2 models DE-AWH (upper VHF band) and DESB-AWH (lower VHF band).

The all steel construction ensures that the radiating element and boom are D.C. grounded.
This heavy duty construction will cope with high wind loadings and severe ice build up.
Finished in a gloss black powder coating over galvanized steel will ensure longevity and the
ability to shed ice or snow rapidly when conditions are favourable.

The heavy duty cross clamp (CLCR) is provided with the antenna which enables mounting 1/2 wave or 1/4 wave offset mounting options to a vertical 48mm rigging support.

Alpine VHF All Weather Dipole
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