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Delivering quality aerial solutions for the toughest conditions

About us

Since 1974 Hi-Tec Aerials have hand-made robust aerial solutions for the most demanding of conditions. Recognised as a quality antenna throughout the world, our extensive range of base station antennas provide, reliable easy to install antenna that are used by business and in the radio industry.

Manufacturing of dipoles, yagis, corner reflectors and many other types of base station antennas takes place at our factory in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have solutions for a wide range of frequencies, optimised to our customer’s unique needs. Our base station aerials and fittings are designed for the toughest of conditions and made right here in New Zealand. Our large range of clamps, cables, connectors and other items deliver a complete aerial hardware solution.

If you cannot find what you want, or don’t know what you need, make an enquiry.

Our promise

We provide the most robust aerial hardware and operate the most sustainable aerial solution in Australasia.

The Hi-Tec quality assurance

All our antennas made to our customers’ specifications and are pretuned to perform best in specific situation.

Our base station aerials are handmade by experienced staff with mostly locally-made materials, supplemented by high quality European technical componentry.

Our componentry is mostly sourced from suppliers within New Zealand, alongside some quality componentry from Europe. You can be sure there is no Modern Slavery in our business or supply chain.

New Zealand Made

The base station aerials that are manufactured at Hi-Tec Aerials are all tested before they leave the factory. We have three Analyzers for testing to ensure accurate testing.

Supply partners

Hi-Tec Aerials are the only registered distributor for Amphenol Procom in New Zealand. We stock a wide range of Amphenol Procom Filters and Duplexers, and can order a variety of other products from the wider range.

Amphenol Procom is a division of the Amphenol Corporation, a $7 billion-dollar organization that is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.

We are a distributor of the highly trusted Sinclair Isolators. If we don’t have a desired Sinclair product in stock we can order it in for you. Talk to us about what product would be right for you.

Sinclair Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna and RF signal conditioning products, systems, and coverage solutions. Sinclair products are used extensively in public safety and private industry communication networks, such as emergency services (police, fire, ambulance and military), transportation, natural resources, and utilities. It has over 70 years industry-leading expertise in all aspects of antenna and RF signal conditioning design and manufacturing.

The socially responsible, sustainable way

We believe we have the most sustainable products on the market, and are continuing on our journey to provide our customers the most sustainable solution possible.

The Living Wage concept is very simple – it’s the hourly wage a worker needs to pay for the necessities of life and participate as an active citizen in the community. It reflects the basic expenses of workers and their families such as food, transportation, housing and childcare, and is calculated independently each year by the New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Unit.

We pay at least the New Zealand Living wage for our staff and all those indirectly employed.

We have committed to measuring our Carbon footprint for the 2023/23 financial year and offsetting our emissions based on the ISO 14064 standard.

Waste minimisation

Our precise designs and handmade approach to manufacturing means we have been able to design-out waste.

After our precise construction and recycling efforts, four weeks of waste amounts to just a 140L Council bin.

We design products that stand the test of time by using quality materials and robust assembly processes. Extending our product’s life keeps them out of landfill and reduces raw materials used to replace.

We are designing a product stewardship scheme to keep aerial components at the highest use at the end of life of the aerial.

Let us know if you would like to be part of our Pilot programme and start diverting your old aerials from the landfill now!

The Hi-Tec customer experience

“Phone experience, great customer service and service with made to order items, happy with my experience with Hi-Tec.”


“Easy to deal with, quick turn around and good gear at a good price.”


“Very quick response to some technical questions from a newbie. Clearly deeply knowledgeable.”