Magnetic Mounting

Magnetic mount with 1/4 wave antenna elements (VHF or UHF) provide a useful portable or temporary antenna solution. With the addition of an AW12 adaptor and element the antenna is complete. The strong magnet is capable of holding the element upright at speeds in excess of 100km/hr. The MM comes as standard with a 3.5 metre low loss RG58 cable terminated with a PL259 connector. Other connector options are available on request.

An alternative to the standard (MM) is the (MM1/2) which is a VHF or UHF Mini 1/2 wave (M1/2E, M1/2U or M1/2UC) built onto a magnetic mount base. This arrangement has the advantage of a ground independent antenna that can be mounted in any location. A 5 metre RG58 coax tail is fitted as standard.