Aerial design and development

Outsourced antenna system development and testing

Antenna development is what we do. If you are bringing a new wireless product to market, don’t let your antenna design be its limiting feature or point of failure, get support from the professionals.

Sadly many wireless products are let down by antenna performance and durability. Companies often overlook antenna design and performance testing, putting into production prototype antennas that let their solutions down.

We support a wide range of customers with antenna system R&D and testing so their products can last in the elements and perform at their best.

Ruggedised Alpine aerial developed with a customer


Our team can work alongside your development team to prototype antennas that can fit into your system. We have a wide range of off-the-shelf and locally manufactured aerials from which we can quickly get an antenna system into a prototype. Our standard designs can easily be customised for a variety of features and we have designs for many more aerials that we can draw on to find the right solution for your needs.

Our wide range of locally manufactured designs and supply partnerships mean we’ll have your wireless product prototypes up and running in no time!

Design improvements

After prototyping there are a number of areas we can help with to make the antenna system optimal for your product and fit with your overall solution.

These can be in the form of durability enhancements for your target environments, performance optimisations for your solution, or cosmetic improvements to tie into your overall product.


We can undertake a wide range of durability and performance testing on prototype aerials to help you get to the optimal design.

Common tests include:

  • Return loss testing
  • A-B testing of alternative designs
  • In-environment testing (on product in target environment)
  • Various durability tests
  • Wind loading theoretical modelling or tunnel testing

Outsourced manufacture

Once you have the design you would like to take to market, Hi-Tec Aerials can contract manufacture, supplying antennas as you require them. Whether you require one antenna at a time, or hundreds at a time, we can support.

Case study – IoSphere

Hi-Tec Aerials have worked with IoSphere since its very early development of its IoT Satellite gateway solution and continue to work on design improvements and contract manufacture.

Antenna R&D partner IoSphere

IoSphere’s challenge

IoSphere wanted to develop a market-leading gateway for connectivity to a new IoT Satellite network, Swarm. A critical component was getting data from an IoT device to the low orbit Satellite network and the target locations were often remote, harsh environments. A good antenna system was a must to give the solution consistent performance and durability.

How Hi-Tec Aerials helped IoSphere

Hi-Tec Aerials have worked with IoSphere since its very early development of its solution and continue to work on design improvements and contract manufacture – as an extension of the IoSphere team.

With each new market for the IoSphere solution, Hi-Tec Aerials support with customising an aerial design to perform optimally in that environment.

Find out more about IoSphere and its truly global coverage at an incredibly low data cost here.

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