VHF Collinear Antennas

The VHF Collinear design is an omnidirectional gain antenna and can be used where communication with a number of randomly placed outstations is required. They are available in 4 models to suit path requirements and installation environment.

The internal radiating element is DC grounded and is housed in a high dielectric fibreglass radome to minimise the effects of precipitation and wind static. This provides for low noise operation. Stainless steel radials are fitted to the hub above the mounting section.

The COLV3 & COLV6 models radome is tapered and finished in gloss white. The COLV3-R & COLV6-R models radome is parallel and finished in matt black. 


Construction of the antenna utilises quality materials to ensure long life and reliable operation. The heavy duty Universal Mounting Clamp (CLUV) is provided with the Collinear and enables mounting to either a vertical or horizontal mounting support.

Models COLV3, COLV6, COLV3-R & COLV6-R.

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