VHF End Fed Dipoles

The end-fed vertical half wave antenna is designed within the frequencies of 138 and 170 MHz to suit many applications and environmental conditions. They are ideal for paging or similar systems where a neat and rugged installation is required. These dipoles are easy to install and are pre-tuned with no assembly or tuning adjustments required.

The dipole is factory assembled and tuned before being fitted and sealed in a rugged fibreglass radome. The radome is fitted to a short section of anodised aluminium tube which is used to mount the antenna.

An RG58 coax tail exits through the end of the mounting tube and is 3 meters in length.

Model DE-EF.

Optional Extras:

  • Mounting clamp – CLUV to mount to either a vertical or horizontal tube up to 50mm OD.
  • Longer coax tail – RG58 or low-loss RG58.
  • Connector.
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