Coaxial 1/2 Wave Aerials for 700-1000MHz

Our Coaxial 1/2 Wave Aerials provide high performance in the 700-1000 MHz bands.  A range of models are available for the Trunking, Cellular, Spread Spectrum and other communication bands in this part of the spectrum.

Also available in LTE Band. 

Like our 1/2 Wave heavy duty and Mini 1/2 Wave models, the Coaxial Half Wave Aerial operates without the need for a ground plane. This feature allows them to be mounted in any convenient position on a vehicle or base station site and to provide effective service.

The radiator is a stainless steel collinear element finished in black epoxy, giving 3dB of gain.  The coaxial matching section is housed inside a slim fibreglass tube which is capped with nickel plated brass fittings. The aerial is fitted with 3 metres of low loss coaxial feed line as standard, and this enters through the 12mm mounting stud.

A 6dB element is available on request.

Coaxial 1/2 wave aerial
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