Clamps and Bolts

Cross clamp

A convenient heavy duty mounting clamp to mount a horizontal aerial boom to a vertical support.

The clamp has been designed with the site installer in mind. The centre section of the clamp is drilled and tapped, which allows one side of the clamp to be assembled onto the boom before fitting the antenna onto the mounting tube.

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Rigging pipe clamp

Designed to mount rigging pipes to vertical wooden poles. It enables 48mm OD pipe (2” galvanised water pipe or scaffold) to be mounted with a 150mm offset from a wooden pole. The connection to the wooden pole is by either coach screws or band-it straps. A hole is provided opposite the securing nut to enable a through bolt to be fitted to the lowest clamp.

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Pole mount clamp

Designed to mount yagis or dipoles to a wooden pole. The clamp is ruggedly constructed and is fixed to the pole with adjustable chains, or with bolts. The aerial boom is easily clamped horizontally to the Pole Mount using saddle blocks bolted to its frame. A complete kit is supplied ready for installation.

Please specify boom saddle block sizes when ordering.

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Pole mounted clamp vertical

Designed to mount collinears to the top of a pole or dipoles to a wooden pole. The clamp is ruggedly constructed and is fixed to the pole with coach bolts, or with bolts. (not supplied with CLVPM)  A collinear can be easily clamped vertically to the Pole Mount using saddle blocks. 

Alternatively two dipoles can be mounted horizontally. Also this system can be used to mount and stand off rigging pipes on wooden poles.


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Universal clamp

This model is a general purpose mounting clamp. It enables aerials to be mounted either in line vertically, or horizontally mounted to vertical or horizontal tubes/pipes. It will also accept the 25mm square booms of our Commercial Yagis & Folded Dipoles.

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End mount clamp

Designed for mounting VHF E-Band and UHF Dipoles to a vertical or horizontal 48mm OD tube. The mount comes complete with stainless steel U bolts as standard. As an alternative, it can be fixed directly against a flat wall by bolting through the U bolt holes.

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Mounting clamps

This range of clamps uses two cast aluminium saddle blocks held with steel bolts.

They can be used to mount pipe or antenna booms to a flat surface, eg. flat plate, tower legs etc.

Models CLMC25, CLMC38, CLMC50 & CLMC63

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Saddle clamps

These clamps are a cast saddle with a “U” bolt for clamping tubes. Designed to mount aerials to 48mm and 38mm tubing. The saddles are made of cast aluminium with a natural finish. The U bolts are 8mm stainless steel fitted with M8 nuts and spring washers. The U-bolt CLUB 90 is fitted as standard.

Models CLSA38 & CLSA50

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Wall mount clamps

The Wall Mounts are designed for mounting vertical tubes or pipes to a vertical wall. The Wall Mount is available with mounting clamps to suit 38, 48 or 63mm OD tubes. These mounts can be used for either vertical or horizontal supports.

Models CLWM38, CLWM50 & CLWM63

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U Bolts

These U-bolts are used for our CLSA38 and CLSA50 clamps but are available separately. They are formed from 8mm stainless steel rod and fitted with M8 stainless nuts and spring washers.

Models CLUB50, CLUB95 & CLUB120.

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