Wall Mount Clamps

Models CLWM38, CLWM50 & CLWM63

The Wall Mounts are designed for mounting vertical tubes or pipes to a vertical wall. The Wall Mount is available with mounting clamps to suit 38, 48 or 63mm OD tubes. These mounts can be used for either vertical or horizontal supports.

Model CLWM38 CLWM50 CLWM63
Body 100 x 50mm Aluminium Channel
Body Length 150
Pipe Clamp 1 x CLMC38 1 x CLMC48 1 x CLMC63
Standoff Distance 'SD' (mm) 118 120 127
Channel Mounting Holes 2 x 10.5mm at 100mm Centres
Weight (kg/m) 0.9 1.1 1.3


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