Power Dividers

Models PD-2FM, PD-4FM, PD-900, PD-2-24 & PD-4-24

Tubular power dividers are used to divide RF power into two or more equal components with minimum loss. By using power dividers, antennas may be arranged into collinear or stacked arrays to provide added gain or to modify the radiation patterns.

The input and output impedance is 50 Ohms. Any additional antenna connecting cables must all be the same length so that the antennas are kept in phase.

Primary weather sealing is provided for, but additional weather sealing will be necessary.

Above 500 MHz two way and four way power dividers are of the PCB type and are housed in a black die-cast enclosure.

Model PD-2FM PD-4FM PD-900 PD-2-24 PD-4-24
Type Tubular/PCB 2 Way 4 Way 2 Way 2 Way 4 Way
Bandwidth Range (MHz) 88-108 500-1000 2400-2500
Bandwidth (MHz) 15 100
Power Rating (W) 2000 (7/16 input) 250 5
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.2
Return Loss (db &VSWR) <-14dB 1.5:1
Input Connctor Type N Jack* N Jack
Output Connctor Type N Jack
Impedance Input and Ouput (Ohms) 50

* Other connectors are available to suit customer requirements eg. 7/16” or EIA.