Aerial Fittings

A full range of spare parts are available for all models from our range of aerials and hardware. Some of the more common items are listed below.

Model Description
S1/2A Spare ½ Wave A-Band Base Assembly
S1/2AEL Spare ½ Wave A-Band Element Assembly
S1/2AEXT Spare ½ Wave A-Band Extender
S1/2E Spare 1/2 Wave E-Band Base Assembly
SATT Spare HF and CB Aerial Tuning Tip
SCN Spare Collet Nut
SEL Spare Element for Yagis
SGSK Spare Gasket For VHFB Aerial Base
SGS4 Spare Grub Screw 4mm
SM1/2UCE Spare Mini ½ Wave UHF Collinear Element
SMB Spare Mounting Block For VHFB Aerial Base
SSS Spare Spring For 1/4 Tilt - Soft Tension
SSH Spare Spring For 5/8 Tilt - Hard Tension
STIP Spare Vinyl Whip Tips

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