Connectors and Cable

We offer a comprehensive range of quality connectors which we also use on our professional range of antennas. We stock Telegartner which is a quality connector manufactured in Germany and also stock a range from Italy.

Military Specification RG58C/U and RG213/U coaxial cable and a large range of other cables including low loss 50 ohm cables are available. All cables are available in cut lengths or full rolls. Custom made cables with connectors fitted are available on request.

Model Description
SCX RG-58C/U PE cable 5mm Mil Spec
SCX223 RG-223 PE Double screen 5mm
SCXL-9001 RG-58 Low Loss
SCXL-9006 RG-58 Double screen Low Loss
SCX2 RG-213/U PE cable 10mm
SCX214 RG-214 PE Double screen 10mm
SCX11 RG-11 PE 75 ohm 10mm
SCX174 RG174 50 ohm 3mm
SCX400 LMR 400 Low Loss
ALDF 4/50 ½ Copper corrugated Low Loss

Model Description
CNNP213 N Plug crimp RG-213
CNNP58 N Plug crimp RG-58
CNNJ213 N Jack crimp RG-213
CNNJ58 N Jack crimp RG-58
CNNPC213/214 N Plug clamp RG-213/214
CNNJC213/214 N Jack clamp RG-213/214
CNSMAP58 SMA Plug crimp RG-58
CNBNCP58 BNC Plug crimp RG-58
CNBNCC58 BNC Plug clamp RG-58
CBNC58 BNC Jack crimp RG-58
CNRSMA Rev SMA for wireless lan
CNRTNC Rev TNC for wireless lan
50 Ohm Coaxial Cable

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