Wide Band UHF Collinear Aerial

This Wide Band Collinear Aerial (COLUWB), is designed for operating in the UHF Trunking 400-420 MHz, as well as the C&D bands 450-470 MHz with gain of 3dB.

Its broad band feature enables operation from the Trunking band to frequencies in the C or D band and yet maintain a low return loss (SWR) in each band.

The pretuned aerial element is the standard black 3dB stainless steel model (COLUW) which mounts onto the VHF base (VHFB) using an AW12 adaptor. The feed line and matching network are an integral part of the broad band circuit. The cable supplied is 5 metres long. Please do not alter the length of the base end of the coaxial cable. All items are supplied as a complete kit-set.


Prepare the feed line as shown in the diagram on page 113 and as follows:

1. The end of the feed line to be connected to the aerial base is the shorter section from the heat shrink. Prepare the cable as shown and DO NOT shorten its length as this is part of the matching network.

2. Insert the cable up into the mounting block from the bottom. Push the cable firmly into the block until the braid is just below the top. Fan the braid out under the block and screw it to the vehicle or a mounting bracket.

3. Fit the rubber gasket and screw on the nylon base tightly, then solder the coax inner to the brass centre. The longer coax tail may be cut to length if required. Mount the pretuned aerial element onto the base with the adapter (AW12).

Model Description
COLUWB Collinear 3dB gain Broadband 400 to
470 MHz Aerial, 5 Metre cable.