VHF Low Profile Aerials

Low Profile Antennas are special application antennas for installations where minimum overhead clearance is available and where vibration may be severe. They are used on such things as railways, forestry, buses, service vehicles, etc.

The LP-A and LP-E models are fabricated from Series 6000 grade aluminium which is then welded. Completed antennas are finished with an epoxy coating to provide a weather resistant finish.

The radiation pattern is equivalent to a 1/4 wave antenna, vertically polarised when mounted on a horizontal ground plane and is essentially omnidirectional.

Model LP-A LP-E
Frequency Range (MHz) 70-85 138-160
Bandwidth (MHz) 3 5
Gain (dBi) Unity
Input Imepdance (Ohms) 50
Connector Type N Jack
Maximum Power (W) 100
Height (mm) 70 72
Length (mm) 1000 550
Width (mm) 38
Weight (kg) 1 0.5
Mounting 4 x 5mm holes
Field Tunable Yes