Mini Mobile Antenna System

The “Mini Mobile” antenna system has been designed to provide a number of antenna configurations for the VHF, UHF and the 800 - 1000 MHz bands. Its slim styling provides an attractive, low profile mobile antenna that is easily fitted to the narrow profiles of the modern vehicle. The antenna base can be readily fitted from the outside of the vehicle to the roof or boot lid, by installing it through a 21mm hole. It can also be fitted from the inside of the vehicle through a 12.7mm hole.

The antenna is supplied with a 4m RG58C/U FME to FME coaxial cable, and as an additional feature this cable can be readily replaced in service. The antenna element can be quickly removed by removing it from the base assembly. An optional tilt-over fitting is available which allows the antenna element to be folded over. A number of convenient mounting brackets are also available. A small right angle bracket enables the antenna to be fitted to a vertical face while an adjustable bracket enables it to be fitted to any angled face.

High quality materials have been used throughout the antenna. All metal parts are either stainless steel or plated brass to minimise corrosion. The radiator elements are stainless steel. The base assembly is moulded from UV stabilised black nylon to ensure stability and ruggedness.

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