Mini 1/2 Wave VHF & UHF Aerials

The Mini 1/2 Wave Aerials are introduced to complement our existing range of heavy duty models. They feature a very small profile making them ideally suited for mounting on modern vehicles.

Three models are available:

  • VHF 138-174 MHz (M1/2E)
  • UHF 420-500 MHz (M1/2U)
  • UHF 400-420 MHz (M1/2U-T)
  • UHF 420-500 MHz 3dB gain Collinear (M1/2UC)
  • UHF 400-420 MHz 3dB gain Collinear (M1/2UC-T)

Like the heavy duty models, the Mini 1/2 Wave is an end fed configuration which eliminates the need for a ground plane, so the aerial can be mounted in any position on a vehicle. It is also ideally suited for mounting on non-metallic surfaces.

The overall height of the aerial base is 80mm with a diameter of only 16mm and is constructed from nickel plated brass with a black fibreglass centre section to house the impedance matching circuit.

The aerial is easily mounted by its 12mm stud, or onto a stainless steel bracket (BRRA1/2). Each Mini 1/2 Wave is fitted with 3 metres or 5 metres of RG58 coaxial cable as standard. The radiating element is the standard 2.7 mm diameter stainless steel whip. The collinear element is formed from stainless steel wire with a black epoxy coating. This element is available as a separate item (SM1/2UCE).

The element cutting lengths for all models appear in Appendix 1. If further tuning is required insert a reflected power meter in the feed line and tune the lower element for minimum reflected power.

In some installations it may be advantageous to raise the mounting position of the aerial, to clear vehicle body panels and improve the radiation of the aerial. An extender (MEXT) is available which fits between the aerial base and mounting stud and will raise it by 220mm.

A yellow band fitted to the cable identifies the VHF model (M1/2E), while the UHF model (M1/2U) is unencoded.

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