Marine Band VHF 1/2 Wave Aerials

For VHF marine installations there are two models available.

The popular half wave marine whip (M1/2) features a rugged moulded white nylon base fitted with a 890mm stainless steel whip. This aerial mounts through a 12mm hole or can be fitted to our Stainless Steel Bracket (BRRA1/2). A longer mounting stud (40mm) is available on request.

The second model (MFGTLT) is also a half wave configuration, however it is fitted inside a tapered fibreglass radome. Mounting is by a fully adjustable plastic marine tilt base.

Both models have unity gain with an omnidirectional radiation pattern. As standard they are fitted with 5 metres of white coaxial cable.

Model Description
M1/2 ½ Wave Marine Band Aerial - Stainless Steel
MFGTLT ½ Wave Marine Band Aerial - Fibre Glass with Tilt Mount