Helical & 1/4 Wave Whips

These aerials are designed for use on hand held transceivers, or applications where a shortened aerial is required. They are available for all VHF & UHF bands and for any customer specified frequency. Full range of RF connectors are available.

The helical radiating element is a high tensile coil assembly, which is plated to improve the radiation efficiency. This element is encased within a silicon rubber tube to provide a very flexible and durable aerial. The 1/4 wave Flexi model is only available for UHF. Also wide band 1/4 wave solid core whips are available which screw directly on to the VHFB or MVHFB base.

Model Description
HHx-CDF Handheld Helical 450 - 490 MHz C/D/F-Bands
HHx-T Handheld Helical 400 - 430 MHz T/I-Bands
HFx-T Handheld Flexi 400 - 430 MHz T/I - Bands
HFx-CDF Handheld Flexi 450 - 490 MHz C/D/F - Bands
HHx-A Handheld Helical 80-88 MHz A Band
HHx-E Handheld Helical BNC 151-156 MHz E Band
HTW-H Helical on Hi-Tec Whip Base UHF & VHF Fits VHFB & MVHFB
HTW-1/4 1/4 Wave on Hi-Tec Whip Base Broadband UHF & VHF
Helical Antennas