Glass Mount Aerials

A glass Mount Aerial enables an aerial to be fitted to a vehicle without the need to drill holes in the external body panels.

The aerial plate and internal mounted matching unit are fitted to the glass with a high bond adhesive tape. The units are easy to install and tune.

The VHF model is an end fed half wave configuration having unity gain. Coupling is capacitive through the glass to the aerial plate.

Glass mount aerials are supplied with 4 metres of RG58 coaxial cable fitted.

The VHF aerial (GME) element is a 1m stainless steel tapered whip.

The UHF model (GMU) is a 5/8 wave configuration providing 3dB of gain. The black epoxy coated aerial element is pretuned for the trunking band.

For C&D bands the element length is 415mm above the coil.

Model Description
GME Glass Mount Aerial - 0dB Gain 140 to 170 MHz
GMU Glass Mount Aerial - 3dB Gain 400 to 500 MHz
GM-CEL Glass Mount Aerial - 0dB Cellular bands