Collinear UHF 400-500 & 800-1000 MHz Aerials

These two models provide gain for the UHF bands 400 to 500 MHz, and the 800 to1000 MHz bands.

They are formed from 2.7mm diameter stainless steel wire and finished with a black epoxy coating. They mount onto our Aerial Base (VHFB) with the Adaptor (AW12).

The UHF Collinear Aerial (COLUW) has a broad bandwidth. It is supplied pretuned for the Trunking band 400 - 420 MHz, and is readily tuned to the other bands by trimming the top and bottom element as shown in the tuning guide. This tuning dimension is taken from the end of the coil. If further tuning is required, then insert a reflected power meter in the feed line and trim the top element for minimum reflected power.

The 800 - 900 MHz model (COL8W) provides 6 dB of gain.

For Tuning Guide See Appendix 1

Model Description
COLUW Collinear 3 dB UHF 400 - 500 MHz Wire Aerial
COL8W Collinear 6 dB UHF 800 - 1000 MHz Wire Aerial