Cellular Band Aerials

There are a number of models available to provide enhanced operation for the Cellular Band. For sites where a gain aerial is required, the omnidirectional Collinear (CELBS6) or the directional 10dB gain Yagi (CY10C) is recommended.

The Collinear (CELBS6) is a vertically polarised omnidirectional aerial giving 6dB of gain. It is housed in a 1.2 metre high tapered fibreglass radome, and as standard is fitted with 3 metres of low loss coaxial cable. The aerial is mounted with its 12mm stud. For marine installations the above 6dB Collinear is available with a fully adjustable Marine Tilt (CELM6). Please specify when ordering service required e.g. XT or 021 GSM network.

The Cellular Yagi (CY10C) has 10 elements giving 10dB of gain. It is constructed with an aluminium channel boom, and the driven element and matching system is totally encapsulated. Three metres of low loss coaxial cable is supplied as standard. All parasitic elements are 6.5mm diameter aluminium rod. The cast aluminium mounting clamp and stainless steel hardware enables the yagi to be clamped to a 25mm fascia mount. Please specify when ordering service required e.g. XT or 021 GSM network.

The Coaxial 1/2 Wave Aerial (CX-825), is a ground independent aerial and can be mounted in any location on a vehicle. It is slim in appearance and has an overall height of approx 480mm. It gives 3dB of gain and is mounted with a 12mm stud onto the right angle bracket (BRRA1/2). This aerial is supplied pretuned to your specified band. A 6dB element is available on request for the (CX-825)

The aerial can also be raised in height by using the Extender (MEXT), this allows the aerial to clear vehicle body panels and improve performance. Three metres of low loss coaxial cable is fitted as standard.

A 4dB black stainless steel Collinear Whip Aerial (CELCOL4) is also available. This mounts onto the Aerial Base (VHFB) with the Adaptor (AW12) and requires a ground plane mounting for correct operation.

For tuning CELCOL4 see guide Appendix 1

Model Description
CELBS6 Cellular Base Station Aerial - 6dB Gain
CELCOL4 Cellular Collinear Mobile Whip Aerial - 4dB Gain
CELM6 Cellular Marine Aerial With Tilt - 6dB Gain
CY10C Commercial Yagi 10 Element - Cellular Bands XT or 021 Networks
CX-825 Coaxial 1/2 Wave Aerial 3dB gain XT Network
CX-900 Coaxial 1/2 Wave Aerial 3dB gain 021 GSM & ISM
1/2CELL 1/2 Wave flexible, Cellular band and ISM
Cellular Band Aerials

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