CB Aerials

The Hi-Tec range of Citizen Band aerials features 5 models for mobile installations.

The mobile models feature a top loaded helical, wound on solid fibreglass rod and covered with black LVR heat shrink plastic. They are available in either a pretuned (PT), or fully tunable (A) configuration.

Also available is a pretuned centre loaded model only 1.2 metre high (CB1CL). The coil assembly is fitted to the centre of a stainless steel whip, and is ideal for vehicle installations with height restrictions or where a slim flexible aerial is required.

Model Description
CB1CL CB Aerial - 1.2m Centre Loaded Stainless Steel Whip
CB12A CB Aerial - 1.2m with Adjustable Tuning
CB12PT CB Aerial - 1.2m Pretuned
CB15A CB Aerial - 1.5M with Adjustable Tuning
CB7A CB Aerial - 700mm with Adjustable Tuning
CB Aerials

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