5/8 Wave VHF & UHF Aerials

The range of 5/8 aerials offers a rugged and reliable design. VHF models are constructed from solid 6.5mm pultruded fibreglass rod and covered with LVR heat shrink plastic. All fittings are nickel plated.

To allow tilting of the 5/8 wave VHF aerial, a Tilt Assembly (5/8TLT) is available which is machined from brass and then nickel plated. It is fitted with a stainless steel load spring and components to provide corrosion free service. This assembly mounts onto the Aerial Base (VHFB).

The 5/8 Wave Aerials provide a nominal gain of 3dB with a low angle of radiation.

Two E band models are available, the 5/8E which has no tilt facility and the 5/8ETLT which enables it to be fitted to the Tilt Assembly (5/8TLT).

The UHF model (5/8U) is formed from 2.7mm high tensile stainless steel. A black epoxy finish version is available. This is supplied, tuned for 406 to 410 MHz and is readily tuned to the other bands by trimming the top of the element as shown in the tuning chart. This tuning dimension is taken from the top of the coil. If further tuning is required, insert a power meter in the feed line and tune for minimum reflected power.

Model Description Frequency
Range (MHz)
Bandwidth (MHz)
5/8A 5/8 Wave A Band Aerial 70-90 3
5/8FM 5/8 Wave FM Band Aerial 88-108 3
5/8AN 5/8 Wave Aeronautical Band Aerial 88-108 3
5/8ES 5/8 Wave ES Band Aerial 138-144 3
5/8ETLT 5/8 Wave Aerial for Tilt Mounting - ES, E, Marine & EE Bands 138-175 3
5/8E 5/8 Wave Aerial - E, Marine & EE Bands 150-175 3
5/8U 5/8 Wave UHF Aerial - TI, C, D, F & PRS Bands 400-500 10
5/8 ESA 5/8 Wave VHF ESA Band 75-79 5
Colour Codes for 5/8 VHF Aerials
Band Colour
A Blue
FM Red
ES White
E Yellow
5/8 Wave Aerials