1/2 Wave Heavy Duty VHF Aerials

Our Heavy Duty model 1/2 wave aerial is available in a range of frequencies for VHF and also available for customer designated frequencies.

The end fed voltage feed configuration eliminates the need for a ground plane, so the aerial may be mounted in any position on a vehicle. This gives improved performance compared with other aerials ineffectively located on vehicles. The impedance matching circuit is mounted inside the rugged nylon base which provides a very strong, reliable and efficient unit. The aerial base is easily mounted by its 12mm stud or onto our range of stainless steel brackets.

This range is ideally suited for mounting on non metallic surfaces, or for base station use, as it readily mounts to buildings or fascia mounts with a stainless steel bracket. As standard a 3 metre coaxial cable tail is provided with the aerial and this can be readily replaced in service. The radiator element is our standard stainless steel whip (W12 or W09). To achieve the required element length on A and FM bands an extender is fitted.

Each unit is identified on the top of the base moulding with the band or frequency of operation.

The A band model is available in two versions. The standard model (1/2A) has a 1/2 wave radiating element which is made up of two sections. The shortened (1/2AH) element length is only 1100mm long. This element is helically wound on a fibreglass section with an adjustable tuning tip.

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1/2 Wave Aerials