VHF Folded Dipole Stacked Array


The VHF Stacked Array is designed to be used in different configurations, with minimal hardware. These arrays use our Professional Series Folded Dipoles in a stacked configuration to provide added gain.

The folded dipole assembly is mounted to a cast aluminium hub. The centre feed is taken out through the hub and a RG213 coax tail is fed down the centre of the boom and terminated with an N plug connector. The antenna is DC grounded.

Mounting of the boom to a vertical 48mm OD tube can be achieved with a Cross Clamp (CLCR). This allows the dipoles to be spaced from the mounting tube to provide an omnidirectional or offset radiation pattern. The offset pattern provides a further 3 dB gain in the offset direction. This is shown in the radiation pattern on page 18 with “A” being the 1/4 wave offset and “B” the omnidirectional radiation pattern.

Downtilt can be provided by inserting delay lines in the feed system.

Mounting Options: For mounting the Dipoles to a wooden pole use the Pole Mount Clamp (CLPM). For mounting the Dipoles to a vertical 48mm pipe use the Cross Clamp (CLCR).

Items supplied for FDA3-SA & FDE3-SA - 2 x Dipoles, 1 x Power Divider (PD-2)

Items supplied for FDA6-SA & FDE6-SA - 4 x Dipoles, 1 x Power Divider (PD-4)

Items supplied for FDA9-SA & FDE9-SA - 8 x Dipoles, 2 x PD-4, 1 x PD-2

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FDE6-SA H Plane
FDE6-SA E Plane

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