UHF Shrouded Dipole Stacked Arrays

Models DU3-SA & DU6-SA

The UHF stacked array is designed to be used in different configurations, with minimal hardware. Like the UHF Shrouded Dipole, these arrays provide for rugged mechanical design ideal for the harsh environment.

The Dipole assembly is housed in a UV protected PVC plastic radome. The centre feed is taken out through a Tee fixed to a 38mm OD x 3mm wall anodised boom. A RG213 coax tail is fed down the centre of the boom and terminated with an N plug connector.

Each Dipole is fitted with an End Mount Clamp (CLEM) which enables it to be clamped to a vertical 48 mm OD tube or screwed to a wooden pole.

Downtilt can be provided by inserting delay lines in the feed system.

Items supplied for DU3-SA are - 2 x Dipoles (DU-SH), 1 x Power Divider (PD-2)

Items supplied for DU6-SA are - 4 x Dipoles (DU-SH), 1 x Power Divider (PD-4) Please note: Vertical support shown extra.

Model DU3-SA DU6-SA
Number of Dipoles 2 4
Frequency Range (MHz) 400-500
Bandwidth (MHz) 50
Omnidirectional Gain (dBd) 3 6
Gain with Offset (dBd) 6 9
Half Power Beamwidth E Plane (Deg) 27 13
Input Imepdance (Ohms) 50
Return Loss (dB & VSWR) <-14dB 1.5:1
Maximum Power (W) 200 400
Cable Type RG213
Connector Type N Plug
Boom Length (mm) 400
Boom Diameter (mm) 38
Projected Area (m2) 0.068 0.136
Wind Loading at 150km/h (N) 75 150
Weight (kg) 4.2 8.4
Mounting Pipe Diameter (mm) 48

Note: The Projected Area and Weight does not include any mounting structure.

DU6-SA E Plane

Optional Extras