UHF Shrouded Dipole Side Mount 3dB Gain

Models DU3-SH

The Shrouded Dipole provides a rugged mechanical design with a reduced surface area, making it ideal for a harsh or marine environment. To achieve this, the dipole element is shrouded in a ‘pultruded’ fibreglass radome which is sheathed with black heat shrink to assist ice shedding.

The dipole element is DC grounded which assists reduction of precipitation static. The centre feed exits through the heavy duty element to boom casting. This casting is then attached to the boom with three radial bolts to provide reliable fixing. All booms for the UHF DU3-SH Shrouded Dipoles use 48mm OD x 4.5mm grade 6063-T6 aluminium tubing. A coax tail of RG213 is fed down the centre of the boom and terminates with an N plug connector. Standard tail length is 1.5m from the boom exit.

These dipoles have a vertical radiation pattern with 3dB gain in a compact dipole side mount package.

Suitable clamps to use are the Pole Mount Clamp (CLPM) for mounting to a wooden pole or the Cross Clamp (CLCR) to a rigging pipe support.

Model DU3-SH
Frequency Range (MHz) 400-500
Bandwidth (MHz) 40
Omnidirectional Gain (dBd) 3
Input Imepdance (Ohms) 50
Return Loss (dB & VSWR) <-14dB 1.5:1
Maximum Power (W) 200
Cable Type & Length RG213, 1.5 Metre
Connector Type N Plug
Radome Length (m) 1.2
Radome Diameter (mm) 48
Boom Length (m) 1.5
Boom Diameter (mm) 48
Projected Area (m2) 0.129
Wind Loading at 150km/h (N) 140
Weight (kg) 5.5

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