UHF Shrouded Dipole

Model DU-SH

This model provides a rugged mechanical design ideal for the harsh environment.

The dipole assembly is housed in a UV protected PVC plastic radome. The centre feed is taken out through a ‘Tee’ attached to a 38mm OD x 3mm wall anodised aluminium boom. An RG213 coax tail is fed down the centre of the boom and terminated with an N plug connector. The standard tail length is 1m from the boom exit. The DU-SH dipole is supplied with a fitted End Mount Clamp (CLEM) designed for mounting to a vertical 48mm OD tube.

A reflector element can be added to this design to produce a two element shrouded yagi which has a gain of 3dB.

Model DU-SH
Frequency Range (MHz) 350-600
Bandwidth (MHz) 50
Gain (dBd) 0
Input Imepdance (Ohms) 50
Return Loss (dB & VSWR) <-14dB 1.5:1
Maximum Power (W) 100
Cable Type & Length RG213, 1 Metre
Connector Type N Plug
Radome Diameter (mm) 32
Radome Length (mm) 400
Boom Length (mm) 400
Projected Area (m2) 0.034
Wind Loading at 150km/h (N) 35
Weight (kg) 2
Mounting Pipe Diameter (mm) 48
DU-SH Return Loss