UHF Folded Dipoles & Yagis - Commercial Series

Models CFDU & CY2U to CY12U

The Hi-Tec Commercial Range of UHF yagis and folded dipoles are designed for urban or rural site installations. Being lightweight with small projected surface areas, they can be installed on low cost supports. The coding “FD” indicates Folded Dipole and “Y” indicates Yagi.

Commercial series antennas are constructed from Grade 6000 series aluminium. Corrosion resistance is increased by silver finished anodising. Elements are 12 x 1.4mm extruded sections, which provide a robust antenna. The boom section is 25 x 25 x 1.7mm square tube, to which the driven element is clamped. The parasitic elements are fitted through the boom and fixed with aluminium rivets.

The nominal feed impedance is 50 Ohms with the matching section sealed within the driven element, eliminating the need for an external balun. A 1m tail of RG58 coax is fitted as standard. See table below for typical bandwidth. All elements are D.C. grounded.

Mounting for vertical polarisation is standard with the clamp located at the rear of the boom. Three mounting options are available for clamping to 25mm, 38mm or 48mm outside diameters, with the 25mm clamp supplied as standard. As an alternative the Universal Clamp (CLUV) may be used, providing flexibility in mounting to either vertical or horizontal polarisation.

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Model Frequency (MHz) Model Frequency (MHz)
CFDU-T 400-450 CY6U-F 470-495
CFDU-CDF 450-500 CY8U-T 400-430
CY2U-T 400-430 CY8U-JL 430-450
CY2U-JL 430-450 CY8U-CD 450-470
CY2U-CDF 450-495 CY8U-F 470-495
CY3U-T 400-430 CY10U-T 400-430
CY3U-JL 430-450 CY10U-JL 430-450
CY3U-CDF 450-495 CY10U-CD 450-470
CY4U-T 400-430 CY10U-F 470-495
CY4U-JL 430-450 CY12U-T 400-430
CY4U-CDF 450-495 CY12U-JL 430-450
CY6U-T 400-430 CY12U-CD 450-470
CY6U-JL 430-450 CY12U-F 470-495
CY6U-CD 450-470
CFDU Return Loss

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