UHF Folded Dipoles & Yagis - Professional Series

Models Y4U, Y6U, Y8U, Y10U & Y12U

This comprehensive range of Professional Series Yagi antennas are designed for directional point-to-point applications in the UHF bands. They are designed to be used in the most rugged environments and to withstand harsh weather conditions.

All Professional UHF Series Yagis are end mounted and are designed to be used for either vertical or horizontal polarisation. Please specify polarisation when ordering.

The yagis are constructed from extruded Series 6000 anodised aluminium with the clamps being cast aluminium and fitted with stainless steel hardware. Nominal feed impedance is 50 Ohms with the matching circuit within the sealed driven element. A 1m tail of low loss coaxial cable is fitted with an N plug connector.

The bandwidth is typically 10MHz with a return loss of less than -14dB. All elements are DC grounded.

These antennas can be stacked for increased gain.

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Y6U Return Loss

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