UHF Corner Reflector

Models CRU8 & CRU11

The Hi-Tec Corner Reflector is a medium gain antenna for point to point, or sector communications. Designed as a rugged antenna it maintains its characteristics under harsh weather conditions.

Corner reflector antennas offer the following advantages: A broad bandwidth High front-to-back ratios Low side lobes Minimal de-tuning effect by ice

Series 6000 aluminium extrusion is utilised in the fabrication of the reflector framework. This framework is finished in a black powder coating to assist ice shedding. The support clamps for the framework are 63mm cast aluminium (similar to the CLMC63), these enable the antenna to be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal mode.

The driven element is housed in a UV protected PVC radome to minimise the effect of precipitation static.

An N plug connector is supplied, fitted to a 2m RG213 tail. The antenna is supplied on site as a knock down kit.

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CRU8 E Plane
CRU8 Return Loss