2.4GHz Panel Antennas

Models PAT24-8 & PAT24-12

These Panel Antennas are designed for point to point linking of Wireless LAN systems over short to medium distances. Available in two models, they are housed in a compact plastic radome that will fit neatly into any suitable environment.

Mounting the Panel Antennas is quick and easy. The PAT24-8 is provided with a pan-tilt bracket that provides infinite adjustment. This is useful for mounting it to internal walls and makes alignment so easy. It is recommended for indoor use only. The higher gain model PAT24-12, is provided with cast aluminium saddle clamps for mounting it to 25mm diameter pipe. It can also be mounted flat onto a vertical wall.

Model PAT24-8 PAT24-12
Frequency (MHz) 2400-2500
Polarisation Vertical or Horizontal
Gain (dBi) 8 12
Half Power Beamwidth E Plane (Deg) 70 55
Half Power Beamwidth H Plane (Deg) 105 44
Front to Back Ratio (dB) 15 20
Input Imepdance (Ohms) 50
Return Loss (dB & VSWR) <-10dB 2:1
Cable Type & Length RG58 Low Loss, 300mm
Connector Type N Plug
Dimensions (mm) 110 x 85 x 35 230 x 190 x 35
Weight (g) 150 400
Mounting Pan Tilt 2 x CLMC25