2.4GHz Yagi

Model Y16-24

This directional high gain yagi is designed as a bridge antenna between two networks for point to point communications for wireless LANs or similar systems.

The antenna is housed in a strong fibreglass radome which is finished in gloss white. This radome is fixed at the rear to a cast aluminium mounting plate which provides mounting to any diameter from 25 to 48mm as standard.

The antenna can also be readily mounted to a vertical surface and is supplied vertically polarised but can be easily changed to the horizontal mode when installing.

The rugged design ensures the antenna can be installed in any harsh environment.

Model Y16-24
Number of Elements 16
Frequency (MHz) 2400-2500
Gain (dBi) 13
Half Power Beamwidth E Plane (Deg) 30
Half Power Beamwidth H Plane (Deg) 32
Front to Back Ratio (dB) 20
Input Imepdance (Ohms) 50
Return Loss (dB & VSWR) <-10dB 2:1
Maximum Power (W) 100
Cable Type & Length RG58 Low Loss, 300mm
Connector Type N Plug
Radome Diameter (mm) 80
Radome Length (mm) 490
Projected Area (m2) 0.04
Weight (kg) 1
Mounting Tube Diameter (mm) 25-50

Optional Extras