2.4GHz Collinear Antennas

Models COL24-3 & COL24-6

This range of omnidirectional collinear antennas are designed for wireless LAN or similar systems where added gain is required for communicating with randomly placed outstations. There are two models available to suit path requirements.

The internal radiating element is housed in a high dielectric fibreglass radome which is finished in gloss white.

The antenna is fitted to a stainless steel right angle bracket which enables it to be easily mounted to a vertical surface and 300mm of low loss RG58 coaxial cable is fitted.

Model COL24-3 COL24-6
Frequency (MHz) 2400-2500
Polarisation Vertical
Gain (dBi) 5 8
Half Power Beamwidth E Plane (Deg) 40 19
Input Imepdance (Ohms) 50
Return Loss (dB & VSWR) <-10dB 2:1
Cable Type & Length RG58 Low Loss, 300mm
Connector Type N Plug
Overall Height 400 650
Weight (kg) 0.4 0.6
Mounting BRRA 1/2 Bracket

Optional Extras