1/4 Wave Aerials and Whips

1/4 Wave aerials

Our 1/4 Wave Aerials are designed for use on all types of vehicles and installations. They feature a proven design that is extremely rugged in service and yet offer a neat and reliable installation.

Models are available for both the VHF & UHF bands.

1/4 wave aerials
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1/4 Wave whips

Four standard whip sizes are available, these cover the range from 70 MHz to 500 MHz. The larger whips (WO9 & W12) are also available with a black powder coated finish.

Aerial whip
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These aerials are designed for use on hand held transceivers, or applications where a shortened aerial is required. They are available for all VHF & UHF bands and for any customer specified frequency. Full range of RF connectors are available.

The helical radiating element is a high tensile coil assembly, which is plated to improve the radiation efficiency. This element is encased within a silicon rubber tube to provide a very flexible and durable aerial. The 1/4 wave Flexi model is only available for both VHF & UHF. Also wide band 1/4 wave solid core whips are available which screw directly on to the VHFB or MVHFB base.

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Aerial bases

The two heavy duty (ground dependent) bases available are the VHFB and the MVHFB. The VHFB is 50mm in diameter and the MVHFB is 38mm in diameter. Both are injection moulded from UV resistant nylon. Both types of bases are supplied with a mounting block and a sealing gasket.

Pre-wired bases are a convenient and fast way to fit out a vehicle. The standard pre-wired base comprises of a MVHFB base which is riveted to a BRMV bracket. A 4 metre RG58 tail is pre-wired to the MVHFB base.

Other bracket and cable length options are available on request.

Aerial base
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We suggest the following method to install the Aerial Base which will firmly clamp the coaxial cable inside the mounting block, and also stops any ingress of moisture.

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